Who we are

Need help attaining PR, sponsorships, meet and greets, collabs, giveaways, and partnerships? 

Lilac PR LA is a full service PR boutique and Digital influencer Management Agency created by latina girl boss, Tatiana Bolanos. before starting lilac pr, tati was growing tired of living the mundane routine of working 9-5 jobs in the marketing industry. one thing that kept her drive and motivation was recognizing the potential in many entrepreneur and fashion companies that needed help reaching their goals to the correct markets. a skill that she is passionate about is bringing people together, so what did she do? she decided it was time for a change. she whipped out the courage, bleach, lilac dye, and made her signature hair-do and created lilac pr. here at lilac our focus is on managing influencers, building business relationships, and bringing brands together. 

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we care about our clients

We offer month-to-month services that specialize in fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. Building relationships and connecting you with brands. Areas of focus include public relations and influencer management.

Our bread and butter is influencer management, developing your career and connecting you with brands! Basically making you that coin! ;) 

Are you hoping for a feature in a magazine? Need a boost to your social media following? want to be on PR? Want partnership deals? We got you covered!



I have been with Lilac PR managed by Tatiana for almost 1 year. I’m extremely happy and can say that she is a true bad B*tch
— Ethan Peters , Beauty Influencer @ethanisupreme
Lilac PR is a there for you anytime, day or night agency. They help with the growth of the KIMDER brand by putting our bags in the hands of today’s influencers. We had monthly phone chats to talk about progress and what we can do better on both ends for the next month ahead. They truly care about the KIMDER vision and Lilac PR knew how to take it to the next level.
— Kimberly Der, Owner of KIMDER Handbags
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Tati has helped me
with the legal aspect of things regarding deals and is consistently searching and looking for sponsorships.
She makes sure companies are being fair and makes sure payments are made.
Lilac pr is a night and day firm that stays consistent and true to their word.
— Cohl Woolbright, Beauty Influencer @cohlsworld
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