Current / PREVIOUS Influencers

Kaela Sinclair,

Is a professional keyboardist and singer and band member of m83 and touring with troye sivan

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Trevor Barrett

16 year old beauty influencer from Pennsylvania causing a buzz in the beauty community. Has worked on campaigns with Anastasia BH, Frankie Rose Cosmetics, Boxy Charm and many more..

Madison Ashleigh

Raised in Texas Miss Ashleigh has gained well over 217k+ subscribers in a matter of just 2 years on Youtube. She is known for her quirky comedic editing skills and amazing makeup looks.

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Cole Carrigan

Is known for his beautiful transformational looks, Cole has received great recognition from top artists like Jeffree Star and even collaborated with him on a Halloween look. Cole has gained a tremendous amount of following sitting at 166k+ followers on Instagram.

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Lena the plug

Popular Youtube sensation with over 1.4 Million subscribers lena captivates her viewers not just with her beauty but amazing videos. Lena also won Celebrity of the Year at the PornHub Awards!

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